Things I’ve never said to my kids til this one…

You’d think I would have been through just about everything by the third child. This last one though….oh, she’s rotten. In the most adorable way possible. And it’s So. Worth. It. to her to be bad. She gets this cat-just-ate-the-canary smirk on her face and goes for whatever it is I’ve told her “no” about. Like this one:   Continue reading

New Opportunities

Recently I was honored beyond belief to receive an email from a dear author friend of mine. We met a few years ago working in the church bookstore together and instantly clicked. Her second book has come out and she’s asked me to be her assistant of sorts in helping her with some special projects.

Of course I jumped on it….seriously, Continue reading

Learning to Love Me

Ever read something that speaks so loud to your heart it catches your breath? It happens to me frequently, especially when I’m studying the Word. It’s not like I’m new to reading the Bible. I was raised with it. But…when you read it with the intention of learning more about Christ…figuring things in life out…wanting to get closer to Him…that’s when your eyes open and you find truth. Continue reading