Quit Expecting So Much

I recently read an article from a mom who discovered she was bullying her oldest. She was so worried about keeping the schedule, the house, the family up, that her oldest took the blame (and the eye rolls) when something went wrong. It only took me a couple paragraphs to feel my heart catch and know that I did the exact same thing. I’m guilty of bullying my oldest too.  Continue reading

Don’t Miss A Moment

Its 10:30am and I’m laying in bed next to My 16 month old who has decided that, despite how exhausted she is, she will not sleep a single wink without having my right ear available to rub. This has been going on for over an hour (yes I’m writing from my phone). Every time I try to move her to her crib she wails for “Momma” and goes right back to sleep when she’s back in my arms.

Until a moment ago I was really annoyed. Continue reading