Less is More…

It never dawns on me how long it’s been since I have written until people start coming up to me and asking about it. Then I realize how badly I’ve neglected “my precious”. Then I start thinking about alllll the blog posts I have drafts of sitting there ready to be published. Ugh. Procrastination at its finest.

Here’s the thing. It’s been a rough month or two. I am (just now) completely ready to admit that I have a problem with not asking for help, not accepting help, and most of all…not willing to admit I can’t do it all. Determined to be it all, I took homeschooling my kids this school year. This has been a rough transition but in all a great experience and it’s starting to flow pretty well.

But…then my heart and brain started talking to each other again…and with a still sweet whisper in my ear I felt the tug to start a small group for Moms in my church (in addition to the couples small group Hubby and I lead). It’s going wonderfully, and I love the connections we’re all making with each other. Outside of Christ and my family, this is where my heart lies, and it’s an amazing feeling when you’re walking a path you feel God is leading you down.wp-1477965086599.jpg

In the midst of all of this, I received an invitation from a friend to join a ladies bible study on Wednesday mornings. This one is an intensive year long study into the book of John. It sounded amazing, so of course I said yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes…YES! To all of it! I’m all in! Gonna get closer to Christ, be a better mom, wife, getting stuff DONE, YEAH!wp-1477965043893.jpg

Between all the Mom stuff and leader stuff, and bible stuff, and some health stuff…I’m drowning. The more I try to focus my efforts, the more I seem to fall short. The more I read and study and do, the farther away I feel from our Creator. I have decided that in this case, less really needs to be more. So after much prayer, I’ve decided to shave a couple things off my schedule. wp-1477965208610.jpgI simply do not believe that God wants us to cram so much into our lives that we forget why we’re doing it in the first place.
I have to learn to be satisfied with what I am physically and mentally able to do, and focus on that. Maybe things will change down the road and I can take on an intensive study, but for now I have to choose a simpler path to drawing closer.

One thought on “Less is More…

  1. Although we only live once, we truly can’t live it in the way that brings the most joy and contentment, if we overload it to the gills. I’m glad you figured this out so you can still get as much as possible from the commitments you keep.


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