Adventures in Paradise

My (amazing) Mother-in-law brought me along a Mother’s Day trip this year along with my Sister-in-law (her oldest daughter), her daughter’s best friend, and our sweet niece who lost her Mother late last year. To say this trip was awesome would be an insult. Flying from our cold and rainy native Ohio to sunny and HOT Delray Beach was a highlight for sure, but the days also came with getting to know my Husband’s family better and that was an absolute treasure. I’m grateful for my time with my wonderful family and super thankful they included me! Continue reading

Too Many Hats?

It’s been a while, I admit. I’ve missed this…writing, the blog life (haha). I don’t really know why I stopped. There’s been many opportunities and a ton of topics I could write about on any given day. But I haven’t. And now it’s kind of gnawing at me. So I’m back.

Life is always busy. It’s the truth for everyone and it’s subjective. “Busy” means different things to different people. We all have our version of “busy” that sucks us down the rabbit hole of feeling like we’re being pulled in a million directions. Continue reading

Less is More…

It never dawns on me how long it’s been since I have written until people start coming up to me and asking about it. Then I realize how badly I’ve neglected “my precious”. Then I start thinking about alllll the blog posts I have drafts of sitting there ready to be published. Ugh. Procrastination at its finest.

Continue reading


These past few weeks have been sooooooo verrrry busy. I think I’m finally finding my groove in helping Hubby get used to his new “normal”. We’re 3 weeks into 12 of wheelchairs and walkers and crutches (Oh My!) and he’s doing scary great. So well in fact that it doesn’t feel like it’s such a big deal now. Many people go through much worse every single day. But everyone has their stuff, right?? And this is his…mine..ours…and it was traumatic. Continue reading